Webminar - Youth Leadership Program

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2017-03-30 20:00 - 21:00

Location: Gomeeting

What is the Toastmasters Youth Leadership Program?

How can Toastmasters help the Youth to develop communication and leadership skills?

This workshop will cover the basic components of a Youth Leadership Program.


It will provide practical guidance on how to start a Youth Leadership Program in your community and how to conduct the 8 sessions needed to complete the program.

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30 March 2017

20.00 - 21.00 

(Technical test starting: 19.45 )


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Our Speakers





Andreas Hadjisofocleous 

 Crusaders Toastmasters Club Nicosia


Andreas joined Toastmasters in 2013 and has been actively working towards promoting his club and the Toastmasters program in his community. He has served as the Contest Chair and member of the organizing team of the 1st Toastmasters Cyprus Public Speaking Competition in 2016. Currently, he is the President of the Crusaders Toastmasters Club Nicosia and the coordinator of the Toastmasters Youth Leadership Program in Nicosia.

Andreas has pitched in several startup competitions receiving 5 awards to date for his entrepreneurial activities and Toastmasters has been a great aid towards achieving that.  He is a member of the World Economic Forum Global Shapers Community and the co-founder of the Global Shapers Nicosia Hub. During the day, he is the Director of HJS Insurance Consultants.


 Lucy Michaels

 Toastmasters Roma, Roma, 

G3 Area, District 59 

Lucy is a senior school mathematics and mechanics teacher in an international school in Rome and has also been a volunteer clown for four years. Lucy loves facing her fears and helping others do the same, be it in maths, public speaking or life in general! She loves balloon modelling, yoga, lakes and mountains.

“I joined Toastmasters in 2014, hated it but realised it was good for me, so kept coming back for more! Nov 15: division G3 contest, third place English humorous speech, Mar 16: division G3 contest, third place Italian speech.”

 Her Goal? share with us what “ I would do differently if I were to run it again. In this webinar, I will discuss how the 8 sessions were conducted and the lessons learnt.”

 She successfully completed the first Italian Youth Leadership Program. For more information click here


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  • 2017-03-30 20:00 - 21:00


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