Percy Roland - Debating-Win the Argument - Florence Summer School



Have you ever wished you knew how to win the argument? How to get your point across, win over your audience and beat the opposition? Debating is an essential part of life, be it in politics, business - or even Toastmasters! Articulating your opinions eloquently, identifying the weaknesses in your opponent's arguments and successfully convincing your audience, boss or partner to support your views is what debating is all about. In this workshop, we will look at the basics of debating, do some fun exercises and also conduct a short Team Debate based on university debating formats. This is an interactive workshop, so be prepared to speak and win the argument!

Percy Roland joined The Achievers Toastmasters Club, Marbella, 11 years ago, and has served in numerous roles (from VPPR via Club President to Area Governor), as well as becoming a competition addict, an affliction which so far has culminated in winning 1st place at the District 59 Table Topics Contest in Amsterdam 2015. Having participated in numerous debates hosted by his Toastmasters club, he was invited together with several other club members to coach the debating team of the prestigious English International College of Marbella (EIC) for various international school debates. After several runner-up prizes, the EIC won 1st place in the prestigious COBIS debating competition in 2016. Apart from public speaking, he dabbles in real estate, art and writing and takes every opportunity to travel.




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