Friederike Galland - Learn to love the beast. How to deal with (difficult and surprising) questions - Florence Summer School


Methods to Answer Every Question Ever!““It is a well kept secret that questions are just another chance to make YOUR point, to let YOU shine, to impress YOUR audience! If you learn to tame the beast with Friederike's techniques, you will be convincing, compelling, and canny in interviews and Q&A sessions. Grill Friederike and decipher the stars above Carthago.

Friederike, ACG, ALB, President of Mercury Toastmasters Berlin, joined Toastmasters in September 2014 after being a rhetoric coach for over 20 years. She won the district 95 Table Topics contest (German) in 2016 after having been in the finals every year. Most of her clients come from politics as she used to be a member of parliament herself. That is why she stresses the strategical approach to speaking and specializes on persuasion. She firmly believes that anyone can be a good speaker. „There is no need to ever be boring!“





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